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Infographics are fairly preferred for inbound marketing experts and also are widely made use of as a component of their content marketing project. They tend to attract even more views because Infographics are normally shared greater than your typical message content. SEOmoz Friday is here to help.

Want your Infographics to acquire more direct exposure? You are in the right place. Although Methods Online has actually been approving Infographics for fairly a very long time now, we have actually made it even more easy for you. You could currently directly submit them making use of the email id below. We have a couple of standards:-

Express Submission:

Express submission promotes timely entry of your Infographic-- normally on the identical day. In express submission we will share your infographic on our subreddit Best SEO Infographics where 2000+ subscribers and all are reaching for good infographics like you have. We charge $20 for one Infographic submission on Blog & Subreddit (with social sharing). You have to do payment process from Paypal.

You could also attempt the totally free option by going with Basic Entry.

Basic Submission:

The Basic submission guarantees that your Infographic will be passed by one of our editors and also published if and when approved. Normally it goes to variety of submissions in pipe. It might take between 2-3 weeks prior to your submission goes on real-time(live). "If" clearly depends upon how well you have actually reviewed our guidelines.

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  1. Well! Few days before I also realized the same and started making good info graphics for my blog. Users tends towards graphical representation more then text.
    Even if you write great things in text format, it is not read by many users.


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