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SEO experts and online marketers are hardworking people. Most of them spend anywhere between 12 to 16 hours working online. That means if you are not careful, sooner or later you will experience burnout.
If you think you are too young to burn out, here is an articlethat you should definitely read. Burn out is real and is here. The problem is much bigger than you think. That’s the reason we have covered it here. Your physical health is as important as your professional health.
Reasons for Burnout

Burnout is witnessed more among professionals who work most of the time on computers or on their laptops, than among professionals from other fields. Experts haven’t reached to any consensus as to what burnout happens, here are some reasons:
·        Sitting for prolonged hours at your desk in front of computer triggers feeling of lethargic and leads to burnout.
·      Sitting for long hours also makes the person more prone to mindless snacking, which again leads to unhealthy lifestyle.
·    Professionals from software industry and SEO experts stay up late and this leads to buildup of resentment.
·    Software job such as programming is highly cognitively intensive and stressful job, this leads to mental fatigue and can take its toll.
·       Many software professionals are engaged in job that is soul-sucking and unrewarding. This can lead to burn out. You should take time off and do some soul-searching on what you really like and how you can make money out of it.
People from IT industry experience burn out at least once or twice in their life. But most of them don’t experience it to an extent that makes them quit their job. But it definitely makes them doubt if they have chosen the right profession.
Steps to prevent burnout

1.     If you love creating website or do SEO optimizing, overtime it will become boring and soul sucking. Make it fun by trying out new things and experiment new concepts or try out new ideas. Keep aside 20 percent of your time everyday for playing with new technologies.
2.   Attend SEO/software meetups, conferences, and listen to industry podcast. SEO and software development can be a lonely job, meetups and conferences helps you meet new people and make friends. It is also helpful and motivating to listen to how others overcame their struggles.
3.    Take a break every now and then and indulge in activities other than related to your jobs.
Over to you

There is no proven method that works for all. Keep trying different things to keep your life interested. If the tips in this article have helped you, we would love to listen. You can also use the comment box below to tell us if something else that has worked for you.
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