If you’re anything like me and you’ve been in the online marketing industry for years, you’ll be quite sick and tired of the whole “content is king” statement.
Forums, blogs, subreddits and pretty much all places where people go on the internet are full of the advice. “If you create great content you get links.”
That’s all well and good advice, but for many people new to the industry, it can be quite confusing as to what makes “great content.”

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Over the years, I’ve built up a certain amount of knowledge about what kind of content attracts quality links. Being a content marketer myself, I get to scour the internet for content every single day. Here are a few pieces of content that really impressed me and have the potential to bring in backlinks.

**please note, if you think creating content is enough to attract backlinks, you’re wrong. The content is only half the battle. Content maybe king but outreach is queen.**

Anything on Backlinko
The first piece of content isn’t a piece of content at all, it’s an entire site. Brian Dean’s Backlinko is full of juicy, linkable content that every single content marketer should study. Every blog post on the site is jam-packed with useful information and tips that can genuinely help businesses.
It’s impossible to choose just one piece of content from there but take a look at the Website Relaunch page to see a true content master at work.

American Express – 30 Easy Ways to go Green in the Office
With the emergence of global warming and people becoming more aware of the environment, it’s important to be as green as possible. American Express used this to create a listicle (artice featuring a list) of 30 simple hacks in order to keep your office environmentally friendly. Although not in as much detail as the Backlinko articles, this is still a piece of content that will be popular for links.
There are a number of posts on the internet that give advice on going green in the office, however most of them are 5 or 10 tips. Making a post that features 30 tips means American Express could target any site that links to one of the previous pieces as advice and request a link. As their content is better, it’s likely that there will be a few links pointing their way.

FreeOfficeFinder – 50 of the UK’s Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs
Another listicle here but with a twist. As the post is about entrepreneurs, the likelihood of each of the 50 females in the post having at least one website is very high. Targeting each of the women who made the list should lead to a number of links for an article like this. Everyone likes publicity, right?
This is another example of creating something link worthy out of just writing. Infographics and videos are fantastic ways to create linkbait, but some publishers simply can’t afford it. This article shows that you don’t necessarily need to spend anything other than time on creating link worthy content.


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