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Budget Friendly Tricks To Optimize Your PPC Account

Business owners in today’s digital world are well aware of the term PPC yet some are still foreigners maybe due to lack of resources or insufficient knowledge. Although, advertising through PPC is one of the strongest and most effective methods to market your business but in a different way.
As a business owner, you have to keep things in the budget so as to achieve your goals in a smart way. Being on the same page, managing and setting PPC accounts is just a query of “how much you are ready to spend?” But, there are many other ways to make noteworthy modifications in your account’s performance.
Today, if you search online or ask professionals, you can get to know tons of different techniques that work well in different scenarios. But not everybody has a silver spoon. For instance, if you have a limitless budget, some of the below tricks won’t even matter to you but, there are times when you need to (or have to) pull your hand and limit expenses. No doubt, there is a plethora of methods to learn, but some ways can make your performance better, being in the budget.
  • Reduce Bid to Get More Clicks
Well, most of you would not have related to the heading because it is clearly written reduce bids. Who would believe in reducing bids to get their campaign going? Believe it or not, if you rank high on search engines and hitting your budget way before you want to or getting low IS or impression Share due to the limited budget, you can just lower your bids and get more clicks.

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There is no rocket science in understanding this method. If the big range is less, your clicks will cost less, hence you can get more clicks in same cash pile. Now, there is a catch! You are already ranked on the eighth position so, lowering your bids (so low that you get yourself removed from the first page entirely) can result in reducing your traffic but as you are ranked high, it is surely a fire way to improve the number of clicks.
  • Ad Scheduling to Get Better Clicks
No doubt, you may be delivering what you expect but as a business owner, you would be aware that there are peak hours in a day and weeks in a month when your sales come at the best rate and much higher numbers. So, what should you do when your budget is capped? You should go for scheduling your ads. Simply, figure out times when there is lowest conversation rates (irrespective of volume). Also, when you are short on the number of clicks, it is more likely to spend them in peak times.
Accelerated Delivery Helps in Ad Scheduling

At the time of ad scheduling, you will wish to spend all your clicks in set hours rather than dividing it in on the whole day. In that, accelerated delivery helps big time in ensuring that Google is not forcing to budget for the whole day when you are likely to deliver in a particular percentage of the day. The whole process will move to delivering until your budget diminishes instead of dividing it in 24 hours.

But, as a business owner, you have to work smartly, since your budget is way lower the likely traffic, Standard Delivery can also help you delivering in set hours rather than squandering it all in an hour.
  • Consider Restructuring Your Campaign
Sometimes, you experience that two or three or maybe a few keywords spend most of the budget of the campaign which clearly says that you are getting comparatively less traffic than you should have got for other keywords. Now, to solve this issue, you can restructure your campaign and divide that handful of keywords and make their single budget campaigns. This way, you can cap them as well as easily bid. Give all of them some room in the original campaign to see how well they are doing.

There are many other tricks that can make your dollars count but above listed at the top ones. Once you experience the outcomes of optimizing your PPC account, you can make the judgement which path you want to go on.
Author Bio – Sid Garg is a PPC expert at Mind Digital. He has years of experience within the world of PPC. He is well-conversant with all the latest technologies and trends of the PPC domain. Further, he strives to leverage the knowledge of the domain to benefit clients across industry verticals. He guides brands for their Pay Par Click strategies and helps them meet their online marketing goals with ease. Feel free to reach him anytime to clear any doubts regarding PPC and its implementations. He’ll be more than happy to help you and solve all your queries in quick time.



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