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How to Increase Instagram Followers without Any Campaign

Social media is witnessing the dawn of an emerging social media website in the form of Instagram. Home to 400 million users and a rate of engagement that far exceeds numerous social media platform, this site is set to become a tool of marketing in future. In fact, Instagram’s use is much easier than the top rated sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This single platform site allows users an access to what they desire within a few taps. Since there is less competition over here as compared to Facebook, it is the preferable destination of marketing professionals. Shopify has gone on to declare the average order value of Instagram to be greater than that of Facebook.

Hence, you have an opportunity here to market your business. However, there is this important question of how to increase Instagram followers.

There is no need to be concerned about that. We will give you the necessary tips to gain Instagram followers without the need to launch a campaign. Read further to find out.

Post images of a high quality

This is no secret. When you post images, just make sure that they are beautiful enough to persuade users to make a purchase. Represent your brand in an attractive manner which will prevail upon your potential customer.

Keep your images interesting

Posting the same images over and over again will not get you followers. Try engaging the followers by different images. You can employ creativity by turning everyday objects into something funny. You could also adopt other means to demonstrate creativity which is very important as long as increasing followers is concerned.


There are a number of ways in which hashtags can be used. Either you may tag photos with popular hashtags for exposing them to more users, or you may use the most popular hashtags on this site to do the same. The most popular hashtag is #nofilter. However, keep in mind the need to relate your photo with your brand name.
It is advisable to encourage use of a particular hashtag. In this regard, you may create your own and then make users use it. The main advantage of this method is that it allows for more flexibility in creating lots of different types of awareness initiatives.

Connect Facebook & Twitter

Connecting your account with Facebook and twitter is a great way of increasing followers. You may now post directly to Facebook and Twitter by uploading any image on Instagram. The same is true for Tumblr.

Have your purpose clearly defined

When you go on to create an account, try defining your purpose to your followers. Some aspects such as who you are and what you do should be explicitly clear. You need to state what sets your brand apart from others. When you create your brand page, think of the audience that you need to target. It is a good idea to be creative and playful when laying out your description as long as it will makes sense to your audience.

Turn to influencers

It would do your brand a great deal of good if you can collaborate with other users on Instagram. This is a powerful tool of promoting your brand. You do not necessarily need to pair up with someone in your industry.

Test your posts

Each and every picture or video will not gain engagement. At times, the engagement is related to sometime of the day or someday of the week. It could also be due to the actual content of your posts. Other possibilities include the hashtags and location tags. Description text is yet another factor.
The best way to garner the greatest engagement is to keep testing your post to determine what days and times your post will manage to gain the greatest engagement.
These are the steps that can be taken easily without the need to engage in a campaign. By performing these above mentioned tasks, you may greatly increase the number of followers. It will allow you to garner engagement and this will then lead to an increased traffic. Resultantly, you will start gaining additional revenue.
The guest post is written by Kate Silverton. She is working as a Freelance Blogger at Octa Logo which is a designing agency.


  1. The tips are pretty effective, if you do it right way. BUT there's exceptions for the industry. For example, Instagram works awesome if you have business fashion & apparel industry. Anyways thanks for the tips.


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