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Best 5 Tips To Build Great SEO Content [2018]

When it comes to search engine optimization, content is a very important element as it allows the search engines to recognize it as a relevant content that provides information as well as sticks to the keywords you are going for. Apart from being just good for the search engines, it has to be good towards human readers too. So to help you out here are some amazing tips that will help you create SEO contents good for humans and search engines.
SEO: Content Tips
  1. Keywords

The foremost reason to go for SEO is that you want certain keywords to rank on search engines, right? So simply, you want these keywords to be there in your content and yes on every content pages. Always keep your keyword optimization to 4 or 5 keywords as having more number of keywords in a content will affect its optimization. Moreover having more keywords will not help to have an optimized content with the same high value.
Apart from being relevant to the keywords, the SEO content should be useful to the website visitors too. Going for filler texts long with your keywords will bring in less visitors and decrease the value of your content. Generally keyword density should be around 3-5 percent. If it goes beyond 5, then search engines will consider the content as spam and consider the content with stuffed keywords.
  1. Cross linking

Apart from having a SEO-friendly content with its own keywords, you should include keywords from other web pages too. This enables cross linking. If you have a small website simply with just five pages, then you can just make sure the important keywords of the pages to appear in each page. Things can be different with website with more pages as you don’t want more keywords to be present on a single web page.
  1. Formatting

People go through the web pages just for information. In case they fail to find something relevant within the first few minutes, they will leave the web page for sure. Again if there is a big chunk of text even then visitors are more prone to leave the site unread. So there are some ways to make the text look better and make it readable. They are:

> Headlines
Bulleted lists
Bold words
Numbered lists
Highlighting important chunk of text

    1. Call to action

    You have got the readers on the page, they have read your content. Now what? No way you want to leave them this way without doing anything at the end of the reading. Make sure you have some call to action on the page. It can be a contact information or a toll free number or a link for more information or something like that. Make sure to create a sense of urgency by making use of words like “now”, “this moment”, “today”, etc.
    1. Check the content

    Chances are there that the content may not be as accurate as you think. Grammar and spelling mistakes may be present there. Make it a practice to correct the content before you go ahead with it. It is a best practice to return and check the content after a few hours or the next day. You can even take the help of a friend to do it in behalf of you.
    So go with these tips especially if you are a beginner and create amazing contents that are in sync with SEO.

    About Author:
    Revathy Nair works as a content writer. I have two and half years of experience in writing web contents, guest posts, and blog posts. Revathy who comes from the development background has been able to put her knowledge in writing technical contents. Here you will find her guiding you through the SEO tactics to write awesome web search friendly contents.



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